Abel Korzeniowski - Table for Two piano cover (Nocturnal Animals)

"Abel Korzeniowski - Table for Two piano cover (Nocturnal Animals)" no description available.
  • mati55578

    You play Wonderful <3 where can I find a music sheet ?

  • Fernando Pinho

    Hi, any chance you could share the music sheet?

  • Z-beeeeet

    could you make a tutorial or even making a video which shows your hands from above your head so that I learn from you??

  • thatshot8

    I love this song.. I’m learning piano and this one of my goal songs.

  • Sumair Qaiser

    Wonderful! I want him to play it on my funeral.

  • Louis Cheung

    hey guys, I've been helping my friend for his soundtrack of his latest short film. Here's the link below. Click it if it interests you. https://www.facebook.com/hkfygFishingUnlimited/posts/2031221973817367

  • Tommy Ward

    Can you post a nonchalant tutorial or an aerial view of you playing this? It'd be awesome and helpful

  • João Canas Mendes

    Beautiful cover! So simple and yet so effective. Could you possibly record this from a different angle, so that we can better see which notes you're playing? There is no sheet out there and I'd love to play this too (but unfortunately I can't learn it only by ear). Thanks for your cover anyway.

  • Louis Cheung

    Regarding to the requests of all of you guys, I deeply apologize for failing to provide any tutorials. I'm only a cover maker. Sorry if I'm offending anybody.

  • Clément LOUEDEC

    wonderful :), Please please make a tutorial

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