Pan's Labyrinth Song

A song is from the beautiful movie Pan's Labyrinth~
  • The KoŁdi

    Beautiful song... A touching :(

  • Renia Noel

    Oh God! Now i remembered Pan's Labyrinth's end.... So sad... I really cried too much...😭

  • Ahmed's team


  • toni castro

    Una película demasiado politizada. Muy comunista, quiero decir

  • Pulpfiction666


  • Korporal Kitty

    la sentas tiom realan

  • Valkyrie

    mom and dad, losing u, broke my soul. i feel nothing anymore

  • Cenik_3 Qamidov

    casgi bele hayat yasiyadim

  • papa mama

    Als war ich 8 Jahre alt habe ich diese Movie gesehen ich dachte jeder Nacht an diese Mädchen im Movie

  • fravadero

    jedesmal, JEDESMAL, wenn ich dieses Lied höre, kömmen mir die Tränen....

  • yablochkomoe

    Это музыка от которой болит сердце и душа

  • Jasmine Hayward

    I love this it truly reflects for me

  • Emma. R.

    ich finde es sehr traurig.

  • gude pagna

    My gosh, all these years and this song still gives me chills but in a bad, I'm scared shitless way


    Не знаю не английского не испанского чета пишут. Смотрю в тысячный раз наверное СУПЕР. Хоть уже и взрослая. Мое мнение фильм о детских страхах. У каждого был свой гога или бабайка

  • Azaliya Bazaeva

    It's music of the soul.

  • Mintra Mintra


  • gracie lou0717

    Why do I think of IB when I listen to this?

  • Jennie F

    The most beautiful song Ever R *****

  • ReaLityBlue

    I could listen this song for days.....haunting.

  • eli tinajero

    This makes me think of a crazy lady rocking her dead baby and the baby has been dead for days

  • Kimani Coates

    This makes me feel like I could just jump up and fly :)

  • Charit Verma

    absolutely love this melody <3could anyone tell what the major instrument is?

  • Ngoc Van Nguyen

    This is one of the best rhythms I have ever listened... So touching so sad and so hopeful at the same time...

  • Veronica Vazquez

    This lullaby inspires me to kill lolz j.k

  • Neva Odell

    makes me feel like I am in a dream

  • infires, man!

    Oh Lord, I can imagine this ghost of a woman sitting on my bed while I sleep, her face turned away from me and she's slowly running her fingers through my hair while she slowly hums this song.

  • Fatima Raya

    Love this melody makes me cry

  • A Treg

    I cant handle this song too many feels seriously. Its not that im scared of the girl singing... im scared for her

  • MA TTY

    makes me cry :'(

  • Erin E

    I clicked on this video by accident but when it started I started to cry because I have hummed this in my head for years and I didn't know where it was from and I cried because I finally remembered that this was from pans labyrinth a movie I was obsessed with as a child and every time I asked someone about the movie they would say I was crazy and there was no such yeah lots of feels..

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