A Single Man - Soundtrack Suite - Abel Korzeniowski

A Single Man - Soundtrack Suite - Abel Korzeniowski

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  • Refractor Phill

    Best 2009 drama film by Tom Ford in Schaffer House LA by American architect John Lautner (1911-1994)

  • Theodor Fontane

    I have Loved this movieJulianne Moore is adorable

  • Dianne Massicotte

    Extatique cette musique !Un film sur la peur de la solitude la mort,la peur de vief

  • lorenmark

    This film was a masterpiece

  • Ale Pura Buena Malicia

    So beautiful... peaceful... sad... I just want to close my eyes... and forget about my pain.

  • Nabil Rustom

    Deep emotions. ....sad feelings.....but beautiful sensations. ...

  • Dianne Massicotte

    Un homme cerné par le silence et l'obscurité!

  • favid smith

    sensative naaaaaaaa only if you make it so. . . . . . fear, remember. good film.

  • Evrv Dveh

    Uwielbiam muzyke Adama. Słucham jej na okrągło. Załuję jedynie,że tak mało jest go w mediach.


    Strong impact on my self by julian moore on this movie .I really started to love her on this one..interesting all these years she was more then around ,but it took this movie to happened and now i really love her

  • 4hattrick4

    Thought I would see a film about gay love. Happy to discover something much more powerful in it - story about loneliness, aging, social taboo, looking for pieces of happiness. One of best endings I've seen in a film.

  • Lukas Szwarc

    chwyta za serducho...

  • abdelrahman karifa

    Wow it's so nice to feel the sadness with all emotional things around you by leasing to this music

  • edward howard

    absolutely melancholy beautiful soundtrack. you can feel the sadness..

  • Julian Clapp

    This film is one of the finest gay genre films I have ever seen. It deals with such sensitive issues so beautifully...

  • Dianne Massicotte

    Un homme homme cerné par le silence et l'obscurité!" les thèmes de ce film sont la peur de la solitude, de vieillir et la séduction qui s'estompe face à sa condition!

  • Mich Kennedy

    Favourite movie. So beautiful. Colin firth is a dream

  • Noel Bell

    Does anyone know the name of the second song? :O

  • Ekaterina Dolgopolova

    Настолько гениально даже говорить не хочется только слушать

  • Dianne Massicotte

    Un film déchirant et trouble, des ombres et de la lumière!

  • alicja janicka

    Piekna muzyka slysze w niej polska wrazliwosc and melancholic, jak szum wierzb jesienia szara I mokra.piekne ala One can hear in in polish sensitivity and melancholy like sound of polish willows on a gray, wet, autumn day...beautiful thanks alicja

  • Glen Allison

    "You're the one that's always saying we're invisible..."

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