Tachikoma Special 1 ENGLISH

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

First in the series of Tachikoma Specials
  • FranBallan


  • Waffle

    These things are just adorably psychotic and I have no idea why. XD

  • Draco Bellator

    anyone know is theres a soundboard or voice samples? ie. "Hi Yes No" ect.

  • James Terry

    I just love these guys


    people:"spiders can never be cute--"

  • Karasu-Kun

    You know, in a way of saying that is meant in a humorous manner because this is awesome. What has Science done?

  • Terry Frey

    make me unseen this. and unlisten too

  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx

    they're adorable

  • DestinyFreedom VA

    I love these guys they they overthink things WAAAAAAAAAY To much

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