Keanu - Official Trailer [HD]

From the visionary minds of Key & Peele, see KEANU in theaters April 29th!

  • Skullkrane Entertainment

    Who is here for RAE?


    i watched this, it was good

  • Diego

    una película acerca de dos hombres negros con inclinaciones homosexuales

  • Tailed Beasts27

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo watching this 😂

  • BlueDog

    This movie bombed at the box office. You should never try to change an association. Immediately you put yourself at a disadvantage. Everyone associates keanu with keanu reeves

  • Kagirion

    THIS looks aiiiight. John Wick.....= nah.

  • Anime& Games

    glad to know there arent any racist comment here

  • Nappy. goddess

    This movie is awesome mustttt watch you guys

  • kalex888

    cat and george michael

  • Custom TO

    All Of This For a Kitten :D

  • Félix Kalkhoven

    my nwa roots tell me to say "the nigga in the car is the caracter EAZY-E "

  • James Vincent

    I loved this movie!!!!

  • Anjolena Joyner

    i hatched this the other day annddd BITCH SHOOK!

  • Rocketboy

    fucking crap movie, totally disappointed, had a beer and blunt ready to watch it and laugh ass off,,,,and just plain not funny, top worst movies ever.

  • indyloveee 7

    I was dying when he said get that bitch

  • Khalid Alamin

    a movie about a pussy ...ON A CHAINWAAAAX

  • Marcin P

    I think that might be the dumbest screenplay ever. 2 guys fighting gang over a cat.

  • axe beard

    Still better than Ghostbusters 2016

  • cindy iglesias

    do they have any of these trailers in caption? this looks hilarious!

  • K+

    "This my jam!"

  • Corey Mabbitt

    Shit, id do same for my cat :))

  • Flairelle

    Wait Keanu is that Cat?

  • Leandro Moreira

    you must watch rly funny


    key and peele show the world the deference between a AFRICAN AMERICAN.......AND A NIGGA...If this offends you watch the movie then you'll understand.

  • Chiamaka Igwe

    I just watched this movie. it was bad that it was good. I couldn't stop laughing

  • Pokeblue

    Who else saw the rockafire explosion?

  • Browning Bros

    Best film ever!Haha! Nah but seriously, this was sooo decent! I didn't know who Key and Peele were before this film and their genius plus cute kitten was just awesome! Lol!


    i feel so sad that they used my name for a kitten

  • Back In The Day Modern Games

    Well I'll give it a chance

  • Heavyn Taliaferro-McClintock

    "Where's Jay-quellin at? No Jay-quellin here?""Uh, do you mean Jacqueline?"(Throws down clipboard) "Okay, so that's how it's gonna be. Y'all wanna play. Okay, then. I got my eye on you Jay-quellin."

  • ZX6 RS

    saw the movie, damn funny ! :P


    Keanu is an adorable little kitty. I'm a gut who loves cats and dogs.

  • Dreia

    I think it was funny

  • jazzy777

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • James Gibson

    You had me at "kitten dressed as a gangster"

  • Buksna

    "Wazzap motherfuckers" LMAO

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