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"DP/30: Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford" no description available.
  • Man From Uncool


  • Camejko

    the way he talks and acts sounds pretentious but honestly idc. he's brilliant and I'm looking forward towards his next film

  • Supertramp Alexander

    love this interview except the font DP put init's amazing DP doesn't seem to care about how it looks like with its ugly font on the cover.

  • roundid

    I like TF's rich bitch voice

  • Dizzy Blu

    my question just answered itself

  • Axxonn

    The "Have we started the interview??" thing happens EVERY TIME on this channel

  • Quad9363

    Are there any spoilers for the movie in here?

  • Ocram Immorto

    Damn, this guy gets it.

  • carol sceniak

    This is a really good movie.Its not for the faint of heart.

  • HeikkiP

    I loved the movie, it was so intense and so well writen. Looking foward to his next film


    Most unbearable interviewer

  • Aleksandar Dragičević

    tom really got pissed around 18 min. poor interviewer

  • Norma Lilia

    "Follow the signs, I'm wise enough to realize that I failed at this situation because it's pushing me to a different direction." -Tom Ford

  • MultiKarola24

    just saw it beautiful as expected plus Abel's soundtrack top class!

  • Camejko

    do you think he's referring to either liam Neeson or Sam jackson

  • Chase Lunn

    I UNSUBSCRIBED because of what happened around 18:00. Holy shit. Awful interviewing.

  • EL

    Tom Ford, I'm now your fan. Brilliant film. Jeez.

  • Ryan Gettig

    You've pulled off something special here Mr.Ford!Bucking Frilliant&you had something to say!You went Full On Peckinpah-Malick by the 2nd&3rd acts,disn't see that coming!This rang alot of bells for me personally,so like God Bless&Always Bew Well and all that:)....

  • Andrew Ritchie

    Didn’t like the machine-gun like style of the questions... the interviewer seems almost angry. Tom is such a dreamboat! Love him.

  • Dexter Les Pierre-Luke

    I'm paying close attention to what Tom Ford saying and it's clear that he is a very organized man, which is very rare for creative people in general, pretty much like how I am. He's the most influential designer today and now an acclaimed film maker, director, and producer. Hence, he is such an inspiration for me moving forward with all my projects, being a novelist, entrepreneur building a business that includes a myriad of business units.

  • Bro Bonobo

    Stupid questions. The Type A questions that you do not want to ask and which people actually find annoying. We have better interviewers in the world. Please replace him.


    beauty is a parabola and he's just past the point of hotness. you can still see the residue of it when you look closely.

  • Vincent Knight

    I saw Nocturnal Animals yesterday (haven't seen A Single Man) and Tom Ford has earned my respect, he did such a terrific job with this movie. He's clearly not someone who just goes into film for the hell of it or anything but he has really something to say. This interview reflects that.

  • Matt H

    Haha, "I learned to read in the first grade..." The subtle shade from this guy.

  • Sam Anning

    This interviewer is an ass

  • panocasabe

    he has a slight similarity to ryan reynolds

  • AAM

    Another great interview. (Spoiler alert should be added to the title)

  • Rob s

    kudos to this man....he made a masterpiece

  • AJ Lopez

    What a terrible interview

  • Jade Haj

    Amazing man, mind, heart and soul.

  • IvorySkye

    Him being so controlled in how he speaks and presents himself actually makes him less attractive and fascinating as a person - which at least for me is exactly how he seemed from just looking at him - enigmatic and captivating - so that is a bit sad, as he seemed not spontaneous and perhaps less authentic..I wonder what feeling about him did You get from that interview..?But as an artist and a director/writer he is simply a genius! I remember seeing A Single Man for the first time - it was like watching an art gallery show in moving form, each shot framed so exactly and precisely, like a painting of its own. It was one stunning intimate character piece!Thank you for this interview and many others, DP. I love how you manage to bring out things in people, which they talk about broader than a typical movie interview. It makes it possible to get to know the actors/directors better as people, which is what's most fascinating.

  • Rolf Penison

    Morgan Freeman xD 1:40

  • Movie Central

    Extreme Noir Tom Ford you say?The cologne smells magnificent, but now he's a film maker..wow !!!

  • crewmate

    17:45 Tom Ford gives us his version of "Blue Steel"!

  • Ocram Immorto

    Ford should direct the Harley Quinn movie, he might make it a more feminist character study on combating a male dominated world. And yes, it should be done much better than last summer's Ghostbusters.

  • emma Woods

    Feel like his putting up such a front. Like, I don't feel we're seeing the real Tom in interviews, because it's like he tries too hard to live up to his image. Don't know... he seems a little too... unnatural. He is sweet, but just fake I think :)

  • iluvugoldenblue

    to see how tom talks and his mannerisms, i'd love to see him work with stanley tucci. they have a eerily similar vibe.

  • Rich Williams

    What's not to like about Tom Ford?

  • Mimi A

    He speaks with such conviction and passion :) Really love watching his interviews for this film!

  • johnyramble

    Am I the only one who noticed the nasty jab at James Earl Jones? He made a couple of acclaimed movies and now he thinks he can just judge every other artist in the film industry?

  • carol sceniak

    Referring to Nocturnal Animals.

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