Ludovico Einaudi - Life

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  • Youtube par en couille

    dlaaaaaaa bombeeeeee

  • Gökhan Türkmen

    Hadisenin ve Aleyna Tilk.inin ifşası cıkmıs oha :O

  • Juan Camilo Martínez Londoño

    es simplemente hermoso, cada nota es una onda poderosa, es posible ver el mundo desde otra perspectiva cuando una canción como life o experience suena al caminar, un mar de sensaciones bullen en el interior y la vida real parece un vestigio de lo que bien redefine el concepto de nuestra realidad. los oídos se rinden ante tan cálidos sonidos. Definitivamente es la oportunidad de adentrarse en otro mundo, posibilidades infinitas, y sale a flote la vida en su máxima expresión. Felicitaciones a este gran artista, el mundo debe conocerlo, son pocos los de su clase.

  • artificial authenticity

    Found this amazing artist by accidentHow did I live without these melodies???

  • Cyrstal Anderson

    wow the video is so meaningful

  • Nadia Fattouki

    Life - it is an illusion & we all human will someday die. We keep running after everything in this life ...

  • DR Cox

    Bi harikasınız azizizim,ne desem bilemedim

  • Natalia Michel Hernandez

    Eso fue... Impresionante y hermoso ❤

  • Craftkey

    Life is Strange!(dont trust a edited comment!)

  • Expert Sacchitelli

    325 people don't understand art.

  • Benny Capoluongo

    Orgoglio italiano !!

  • Barbara Domańska

    wspaniałe kompozycja utworu z dziećmi

  • Vivek G

    The way I see it, the only reason I have not committed suicide yet, and keep turning back to life is because this is the only life, the only world I know which has music in it. And it's not just sound I am talking about. All kinds of music. It inspires me to just give it one more try, one more time. Love.

  • Stephen Paller

    Brilliant! The music and the video. Amazing how a 4+ minute video can be more interesting and moving than anything coming out of Hollywood.

  • Julian Brown

    I got chills watching this.

  • Stanislav Danilov

    This 4 min video managed to make happen what Collateral Beuty failed at in 2h+

  • Lisa Gehrig

    goosebumps everywhere :)

  • Noah Pedeaux

    Who's listening in 2017

  • Diede Pieters

    the amount of energy in Ludovico Einaudi's tracks is so amazing. One of my favorite composers of all time! respect

  • Mgr. Karel Rabek

    325 and moooore idiots

  • Julia Mathews

    I keep watching this over and over again. I think this is my 4th time. And my favourite part is when the little boy finds the ball and all the children come together and also when the other little boy takes off his gas mask

  • Jaime Torres Barrientos

    Hermoso muy hermoso me encanta ludovico einaudi

  • TheSoundbar

    Write no explanations for art. Your own cognition counts.

  • Mik Ardito

    An Italian Genius. Grazie Ludovico ci regali sempre emozioni con i tuoi capolavori.

  • Sonari N. Roulette

    I love his music. I love his expression. Then watching this.....I’m crying.

  • Alexandr Prygara

    I don't know if somebody has said it already but I think the boy looks like the Russian president from the House of Cards series, doesn't he?

  • prazol schleiden


  • Bob707 S

    انا أكون فاقد الحياة بسمعها وبترجعش بس بحس اني اتحسنت وبعدها برجع بموت لا حدا معاي ومليان حدا ضضي يا خساره......

  • Furious Fapper

    This is such a well done video. It goes well with the amazing music and carries an amazing story

  • purple86

    C'est la claque 😍😮

  • dark side of the moon

    What is death but a reflection of life..

  • Katie Higgins

    To all the people who say they do not like ludovico, you do, you just haven't found the right song yet :)

  • Vivian Hir

    I miss the old days...

  • Myiphone5

    IMPORTANT. For kids you should use only ONE hand when doing CPR. For babies 1 finger. The two hands in this are for adults and would severely damage the child. Bit of an oversight is all, but it is important knowledge to know!

  • Scarlett Melody

    Once it showed the little boy with the gas mask. tears. tears everywhere

  • Vivian Iscarra Amézquita

    esto es arte, aprécienlo :')

  • Suzy Dines

    I love the beginning and end of this music, it reminds me of... childhood. I love the violins. I love how this evokes so many strong feelings. I love how this video holds so much meaning. My God I love this song so much. Einaudi impresses me once again with yet another emotional rollercoaster. He's a genius, that's what I'm trying to say.

  • arnavtube

    Song was Life, video was AfterLife

  • Noah Hoffman

    PLOT. TWIST. This was amazing.

  • dan soloski

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever watched.

  • Papafico

    An Italian artist who can be listened all around the world? Ludovico Einaudi, simply the best! Guarda Ludovico, guarda che hai fatto: uno degli unici artisti italiani che è riuscito a portare la sua arte in tutto il mondo in una maniera così semplice, la tua musica? Stupenda, mozzafiato!

  • ismael wismichu

    very good the cansion I love it is very sentimental it goes like this and you are the master of all the sentimental music that I know of piano you are very good I almost cry for the music and nothing else to say that you are the master I can not describe how cute this is song

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