Nocturnal Animals (Full OST) - Abel Korzeniowski

00:00 - Wayward Sisters
02:56 - Exhibition
04:09 - Restless
06:43 - A Solitary Woman
11:10 - Off the Road
14:25 - Revenge
17:15 - The Field
20:11 - Crossroads
22:42 - Mothers
23:57 - City Lights
27:20 - Table for Two
30:07 - The Field (Alt. Version)
32:21 - Fairy Tale (Bonus Track)
  • Paayal Sridhar

    Again, Abel you have fought your way to the deepest parts of my soul. You have ignited something in me, making me want to explore all of me. You are the music of my thoughts, the words I cannot say.

  • Murk Bernson

    WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH NO NOMINATIONWill you insecure cunts just listen to and love music that you love? Stop crying because everyone else doesn't like the same thing as you. Grow up.

  • Liamburnsable

    Thank you Abel for your most beautiful music and sounds. Not sure if you are a conducter but if you are thank you and thank you to every musician that plays a part. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard for some reason. Thank you x

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