Avatar Movie Trailer [HD] смотреть фильм онлайн в hd 720 качеств

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  • 字いた

    Still one of the best movies of all time.

  • sebas hess

    2% 0f your genes, ys for me a personal matter, resposebillities, that no ONE knows??.: Cats and dogs... US!!THE 1st genocide 0f a WACO GENESSOUCERER< WITH A OVERSEXED, MAD DESIRE ADDITUDE,.....THE ONE WITHOUT A 3rd nipple, trow the 1st stONE!!!!

  • Hater CZ

    Man the incredibles 2 is comming out this year .sooooo, I was thinking .... avatar 2.. this year?

  • dragon ball and where to find them

    Up thumb, if you're watching in 2017

  • Sam Cody

    Now thats how you make a trailer!

  • Aamir my favourite Sanger Itoo

    zindagi gulzaar hai and khuda aur mohobat my favourite serials heart touched

  • Tyler Durden

    Avatar is a misanthropic (hateful) movie. A human betrays the human race for an alien one. If that isn't hate, nothing is.

  • viv white

    It s just a children's filmIf you ike it or uyou are under 15 years old or you have a very low I. Q.

  • RaDe' Sooger

    Thumbs up for 2018 ☝️👍

  • Technical advice from pradip

    Please give full movie

  • kutteess R S

    watch 1992 malayalam movie "vietnam colony"google it "malayalam movie vietnam colony" read the plot....!! same plot...☺

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