Kenji Kawai - Cinema Symphony - Ghost In The Shell OST

  • XStar4

    What is the name of the instrument on 0:16?

  • Cristina Pinteac

    Kenji is a modern Beethoven for me. i just 😍his work. I listen almost Every day. his music express so much. Wonderful. its a pleasure for me to listen his music. this kind oficina music is for Smart people, not very easy to be understood

  • MrTodesfee

    please make some transcript (subtitles) 4 an idiots like me (

  • Miss Tiapy

    hoooo c'est vraiment magnifique !!!!! j'en attrape des frissons à écouter

  • joergjoergermann

    fuck that scarlett johanson movie! damn whitewashing shit

  • jojolafrite90

    WOW! Beautiful version! I have tears in my eyes...

  • 배용묵

    This is masterpiece.

  • Leon Avery

    Does anyone know where we can find the lyrics?

  • 井上太郎


  • Tracy Smith

    From the first time I heard this it stirred my soul. This live version is even more than ever expected it brings me to tears and stirs my soul. A true masterpiece in Japanese music.

  • Sono Barretta

    all i have to do is learn to speak Japanese to fully appreciate this. unmatchable

  • danbuter

    Such a beautiful song.

  • rutabagasteu

    I count 4 percussionists. How many are there in this video ?

  • Super

    This song sends chills and this movie too

  • keito sasaki


  • YiFeng Chen

    Always always love this song!

  • Fryst 209


  • corvusala

    It's so beautiful it almost hurts.

  • Kemar Easington


  • Toby McCasker

    You just aren't the same after hearing that.

  • SangiNET

    Don't know about you people, but this makes me wanna rip my clothes off and go running through some jungle like an animal or someshit.

  • Daniel Gonzales

    Que increíble, espectacular soundtrack

  • Peter F-Model

    In ones youth songs can be associated with significant events associated with growing up, thus achieving the ability to invoke strong emotions. But as one grows old this is rare, so when this occurs it must be celebrated and cherished. Ghost in the Shell achieves this with several of its time less musical pieces. Thank you Major Motoko Kusanagi and all those who created this masterpiece.

  • Asyraaf Ahmadi

    this song is not from this world

  • Lolu Kush

    Who's listening to this awesome piece in 2018?

  • nickmatvey

    я не смог подобрать другого слова, это просто ОХУЕННО!!!

  • Alicia Weiss alles

    whats the name from the woman on 4:00, the voice is so wonderful

  • ElfHighMage

    I want a son to be born to the second song! GODLIKE!!!

  • Mr Smith

    Amazing ! Incredible ! So wouahhhh !! I like it !

  • Conny Brunnkvist

    what is this in my eyes, must be due some sort of air pollution or something

  • Logar Shar

    If Japan chooses this song for their 2020 Olympic opening ceremony, they're going to have the most gold medals.

  • Halo Master

    I have Avatar vibes, sorrySike

  • MrSYZ


  • Leriander

    I was scared that it's not gonna sound as good as ost, but...... damn

  • ian cosgrove

    Elite baseline at 8:34

  • megalomegalo

    Just after 3:55 ... so powerfull, tears are coming, so beautiful

  • Cristina Pinteac

    does he have facebook i just sant yo express a Bogotá thanks for this music is driving me crazy😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Tsubasa Reservoir

    Man the part at 4:00 is so chilling

  • GamleErik100

    They sing in Old Japanese. Like it was spoken over 1000 years ago. Got to love it

  • Dvj Kaa

    All my teenage memories flashbacked, what a masterpiece

  • Nicola Arnetta

    So beautifully unreal...

  • B. L.

    Hear this song/music is like if the Angels will sing for you !!!! Beautifull music, really good interpreted, nothing to say, its the perfection ! 😇🙇🙇🙇👼

  • Tank3d

    amazing...cant express...

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